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"Let food be your medicine, And medicine be your food "- Hippocrates

Eating right is the key to better health. And nature offers us all the necessary components for achieving this goal. known, That maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, Includes a variety of fruits and vegetables. It is not always possible- Especially nowadays when most of us lead such a lifestyle fast And dynamic. We in - +Juice PLUS We offer you a simple and convenient way to enjoy the best nature has to offer gifts. And all this with products that are as close as possible to what nature has to offer!!

Branded nutritional product has the most comprehensive market research

Healthy Family Health hooks on the beach

"Inspiring healthy life worldwide."

You forgot to incorporate vegetables in the daily diet? We are here for you💚 All the best parts of nature await you in one capsule.

Juice Plus+ premium scheme

Extraction of 30 Different types of fruits and vegetables, berries. Which were picked at the peak of ripeness without materials and spraying

Juice Plus+ fruit and vegetables

Juice PLUS+ selected fruit and vegetable, our classic product providing you with a rational supply of nutritional plant-based goodness. There are 18 different fruits and vegetables, harvested when they reach perfect ripeness, then carefully treated using our very own patented process. For a maximum intake of nutritional ingredients - every day..

Juice PLUS+ berries

The power of berries Thanks to their high phytochemical content, such as the resveratrol to be found in grapes, berries are considered especially nutritious. Juice PLUS+ Selected Berries contains 12 different types of berries in a highly concentrated form. The berries in Juice PLUS+ Selected Berries are harvested when they reach perfect ripeness, then carefully treated using our very own patented process. For a maximum intake of nutritional ingredients - every day..

Juce Plus+Complete mixed chocolate and vanilla

The Complite - Vegetable protein powder. - the drink for your well-being - vegan (prepared with non-dairy milk) - vegetable protein with high biological value - high relative protein percentage (Cal%) - fibre - minerals and vitamins - without preservatives - without artificial sweeteners, colouring and aromas - low glycemic index (GI).

Why fruits and vegetables are so important?
More Fuel your busy life! Fruits and vegetables provide your body phyto-nutrients, Vitamins and minerals are important. Ideally needed them every day. This will benefit your health, And feel more comfortable in your body. Experts recommend at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. To be honest, It is not always easy to make. By adding fruit capsules, Vegetables and berries in your daily diet it easy. Whole fruits and vegetables are the basis of field capsules. *This topic has been tested in many scientific studies. read more..
What is the difference between Juice Plus capsules and vitamin supplements?
Juice Plus No Sells vitamins, But capsules containing 30 Kinds of fruits, Vegetables and berries, Grown without using pesticides, Picked at the peak of ripeness, Squeezed and moved to freeze-drying, Innovative technology that preserves the health values ​​of fruits and vegetables. When you consume vitamin C, for example,, Which single out oranges, While you're getting vitamin C, But losing the other components of existing health oranges. Joss Place You get all the health values ​​which were squeezed out 30 Kinds of fruits, vegetables, And berries. Without sugar and sodium At the drying of fruits and vegetables, Sugar and sodium were unique patented process, And therefore diabetics can enjoy the benefits denied to them until now because of the sugar content and high blood pressure have avoided certain vegetables because sodium, Can provide merits vegetables.
How the high quality of Juice PLUS + guaranteed?
The production of capsules +Juice PLUS Controlled during all stages, Starting Fruits and vegetables for the production of powder and then packing the finished product. This includes analysis to detect traces of contaminants. Htnlic all tested, Verified through the Institute-SGS Fresenius And recorded by them.
children – for free!!
children – for free??!! One of the most fascinating studies of children it is research that takes place in an observational study in 29 countries, Including Israel and participate in it about a million families. In the age of eligible children 4 until the age of 21. If your child, Refuses to eat fruit and vegetables. Capsules Juice Plus Will give him 18 !!! Types of fruits and vegetables every day. How to join? Apply your second invitation, With another order commitment sequentially, You will receive two containers Capsules, Fruits and vegetables Bhinmam right for four years. Closely with your orders. The results of the study abroad"To, It seems significant improvement in ADHD, Her grades, Improving health, Fewer sick days, Proper nutrition awareness, Drinking more water. And more.. Read / More
What should I do if I have trouble swallowing the capsule?
The capsule can be consumed without the cover of the capsule. To do this, separate the two parts of the capsule, With a slight tug sideways. The powder should be added to your meal (yogurt). Adding the powder to liquid less appropriate in these cases.
+juice PLUS and Pregnancy

Why is it so important to combine Juice Plus during pregnancy?

Juice Plus Pregnant is probably the safest and most convenient way to complete and close the gap between what pregnant women eat, Why do they have to eat in terms of fruit and vegetables. During Pregnancy, It's the most important thing is to maintain health and baby's health! Because healthy mothers have healthy babies.

Many women support their diet recommended by the doctor, Because most body needs more building materials and specific nutritional values ​​fruit and vegetable that most women find it difficult to provide the body with their daily lives. But the circumstances of life are not the only reason why pregnant women need to support our diet! Even time, desire, Capacity and awareness are factors that can complicate pregnancy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

so, We hear a lot about supplements or multivitamins made especially for pregnant women. But is really one of these products have been scientifically studied a group of women who are pregnant and presented results that can be relied upon?

ד"ר Dr' Doug Odom, A gynecologist & Obstetrician 30 Year, Decided to investigate whether multivitamins actually effective compared Juice Plus pregnant.

ד"Dr. Odom brought together 356 Pregnant women in order to study at the University of Mississippi, USA, And divided the women into 2 groups, When any group appointed 178 Women between the ages of equal (As far as possible).

One group of pregnant women have joined their daily diet multi-vitamins everyday. The second group of women combined Juice Plus Daily diet.

What do you think were the results? And whether the results are truly amazing doctors and specialists?

The study observed that women who incorporated Juice Plus pregnant:

  • Needed at least cesareans, Compared to women who consumed normal Multivitamins (47% Vs 68%)
  • There were no cases of prenatally (Birth before week number 37) Women who consumed the entire group Juice Plus - Vs 20% A group of women taking normal multivitamins
  • Completely prevented preeclampsia (Preeclampsia), Vs 38 Women from child multivitamins normal-weight babies, When the average weight of babies of mothers who consumed Juice Plus Pregnant about a quarter pound was higher in the second group gave birth babies are healthier babies.
  • Although baby did not suffer from respiratory distress syndrome (respiratory distress syndrome), Vs 13 Infants suffering from respiratory distress syndrome in women who consumed normal Multivitamins.
  • We will not need intensive care for their children after birth, Vs 17 Infants, as needed intensive care after birth.

In conclusion: Juice Plus Pregnant mother certainly provides the complex nutrient she needed before birth, During birth and after birth. Because Joss Plus not only provides essential nutritional values, But also strengthens the immune system, Health aids the cardiovascular and leaves the mother healthy and stronger than ever.

And with so many amazing testimonials and comments of pregnant women and women after childbirth, And dozens of professionals and experts in the field who recommend, It can be said that Juice Plus Is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables, Especially for pregnant women!

So from day to throw in the trash multivitamins and move full complement food, Consisting of over 30 different types of fruit, Vegetables and berries to the fullest and experience the pregnancy and birth safe, Pleasant and healthy much more.

The study results

Read / More

Is Juice Plus + contains lactose?
All products +Juice PLUS Lactose clean!!

What is the effect of Juice Plus capsules??
The effect of Juice Plus capsules. Juice Plus is not a cure! But rich food. The effect is felt with renewed energy capsules, Sleep Better, Improving conditions of ADHD, And prolonged use we see changes in blood tests: Decrease in total cholesterol and sugar, Hormonal imbalance, Scores decreased inflammation, Improving the condition of the hair, Skin, To impact on serious diseases. To experience:
Juice Plus, is It suitable for athletes?
Juice Plus and Sport R + JuicePLUS and exercise. The physical load, As well as mental stress, May produce in excess of what is called free radicals, Which may cause damage to the body, Help promote inflammatory processes and weaken the immune system. balanced nutrition, Especially antioxidants can be found mainly in fruits, Vegetables and berries, They are the ones who can neutralize these damages and to improve athletic performance. The addition of Go's Place Engaged in sport, Shows unequivocally low values ​​of inflammatory markers and protein damage, Lowers blood infection, And improves the immune defenses. Exercise is good for us, Clear! Yet, All athletes (And parents of young athletes) Need to understand the negative effects of physical activity, And how to fight them through proper nutrition. Details of the importance of taking the product at about sports and athletes: Reducing oxidative stress - In athletes have high oxidative stress, Ie higher metabolic activity produces free radicals, Highest levels after exercise. Products Goss Plus Very rich in antioxidants that neutralize these radicals and preventing the damages. Muscle recovery - While exercising Christians micro-tears in muscles, Especially for those who work until the pain threshold or threshold capability. It takes your body to recover and fix them up 48 Hours! Taking food additive Go's Place Reduces the rate of recovery and healing of muscles faster. Muscle endurance - The use of long products increased muscle capacity, Increases endurance and can overload the muscle and achieve better results. Treatment of arthritis and pain - During the activity generated inflammation sports injuries large and small. Using products Go's Place Reduces inflammation and promotes faster recovery. Go's Place Food supplement clinically proven, Provides protection to athletes. This is the reason thatJuice Plus Was the official food supplement of the German Olympic team, Switzerland and Austria London Olympics 2012 And is also used by many leading Olympic athletes around the world. Juice Plus Nutritional product is the most thoroughly studied and proven history, And tested on elite athletes number of different environments. Juice Plus Colon is the list of prestigious - Food additives which 100% Athletes are approved for consumption 1. Juice Plus WADA list appears - World Anti Smimbsfort Agency. 2. Joss Palace was the official partner of the German delegation Queneau, Swiss and Austrian Olympics in 2012. Juice Plus Contacts with the Israeli Olympic Committee. Gal Fridman and Derrick Sharp between Israeli athletes consume Juice Plus.

Who Juice Plus products are suitable?

Pregnant women

Help prevent side effects, Healthy pregnancy and reduces the chances of a cesarean delivery. ד"Dr. Doug Bodom found that women who used our products more gave birth to healthy babies and weight than women who used other products. Read / More

Rush job

The last time you ate a healthy breakfast with cereals, Fruits and Vegetables, Proteins and carbohydrates? +Juice Plus Allows you to get all the nutritional values ​​-lla time investment- With a series of wonderful shakes Complete !

Children and teens

The first years are critical to the healthy development of children. +Juice Plus Allowing them to get to the produce easily and happily recommended, And ensures health and education for good nutrition. More than -1.000.000 households participating in the study and report on the results surprising.

Research on children, read more..

Athletes and Athletes

Improves muscle function, Provides the body with essential materials consumed during and after exercise, The only product that helps prevent oxidative stress, Prevents inflammation and helps in better absorption of substances necessary for the body.

Pupils and students

+Juice Plus Proven assistant and improves concentration, Affects more energetic during the day, Reduces the fatigue and affects positively suffering from sleep. Studies show an increase and a substantial improvement in students who have used our great products.

Want to reduce weight

When the body gets the nutritional value it needs, Body seeks less food, And decreases the desire for sweets and junk food. Improves digestion and metabolism, Which directly affects calorie intake ratio. Increases energetic body and causes us to be more physically active.

Are you tired cliches and wishes Kitz'im during the holidays?


Quality standards approval: GMP, TGA, NSF, SWISS-MEDIC

Confirmation of the absence of heavy metals and pesticides

Confirmation of the presence of vitamins and only natural source

OK now that the products are free of GMOs


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