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Juice PLUS mixed berries

Juice PLUS The power of berries Thanks to their high phytochemical content, such as the resveratrol to be found in grapes, berries are considered especially nutritious. Juice PLUS+ Selected Berries contains 12 different types of berries in a highly concentrated form. The berries in Juice PLUS+ Selected Berries are harvested when they reach perfect ripeness, then carefully treated using our very own patented process. For a maximum intake of nutritional ingredients - every day..


The Kit comes in sufficient quantity to 4 Months
The price is 117.5 NIS"for a Month 4 Months


You can complete the ® Juice PLUS A mixture of fruit and vegetables in the best way with JOnce PLUS Berries and grapes produced from grapes and berries quality. For best results, We recommend regular consumption, Preferably combined with PLUS ® Juice mixed fruits and vegetables. Daily cost ® Juice PLUS berries and grapes which amounts to about -3.75"Eighth day. Berries and grapes are very well known thanks to its high content of valuable phytochemicals, Called polyphenols. According to scientific studies conducted found that polyphenols improve blood circulation and vascular status.
® Juice PLUS mixture of berries and grapes contain the berries and grapes below:
Concord grapes, Red berries, Blackberry, Blackberry, Elderberry, Raspberry, cranberries,Blackberries and currants.
® Juice PLUS A mixture of berries and grapes does not contain gluten (below- 20 M"C polish"third), Does not contain lactose and is also designed for diabetics. The product contains traces of fructose.
Scientific studies ® Juice PLUS of course also contain a reference to- Juice PLUS A mixture of berries and grapes. In this study relate primarily to the following areas:
• Sports / immune system
• Circulation

** Withstand trials

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