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Scientific and medical magazines about JUICE PLUS +

More than 30 medical and scientific magazines published various research findings on Juice PLUS +.

Increasing amounts of antioxidants and folic acid,
And a decrease in Hhomotzistin men

Improving the condition of oxidative stress, Immune system disease, In men trained

Improving blood flow to the skin in healthy women

Increase in antioxidants and a decrease in Hhomotzistin

Decrease in Hhomotzistin study provided a controlled diet

Rehabilitation effect on ovarian cancer patients rank 2-4

Insulin resistance and fat

Effects on brachial artery blood flow after a high-fat meal

Effect on oxidative stress in the body after cardio

Impact on the change in proteins in the body after intense exercise

Effect on muscle function and oxidative stress in the body

Effect on oxidative stress in the body, heavy smokers

Dental Health / effects on the gums

A decrease in the symptoms of the common flu

Impact on the levels of beta-carotene and alpha-tocopherol in men who are overweight

Improving indicators such as: immune system, Oxidative stress and disease among men practicing

The effect of the concentration of fruit and vegetables (Juice Plus) On endothelial function and metabolic syndrome

Increased free malondialdehyde concentrations in smokers has changed positively with the concentration of fruit and vegetables: A pilot study

A clinical study on children published in the journal Pediatrics

The addition of concentrated fruit and plant extracts - Changes in levels of carotenoids, Changes in plasma, Alpha tocopherol and fatty oxygen

Suppression of DNA damage in peripheral blood system

Reduction of cold symptoms by concentrate of fruits and vegetables

The addition of fruits and vegetables reduces homocysteine ​​levels in the blood

The addition of concentrated fruit and vegetables: Reduction of homocysteine ​​levels in the blood

Availability of trace elements encapsulated fruit and vegetables ( Juice Plus ), Study in healthy volunteers

The addition of concentrated fruits and vegetables increase serum antioxidants and folate increased in healthy adults

Concentrated fruit and vegetables affects the systemic blood pressure, The progress of coronary artery calcium and antioxidant

Immune function in elderly smokers and non-smokers have improved with the addition of fruit and vegetable extracts

Health effects of fruit and vegetable concentrate

Phytonutrients may reduce complications in obstetrics:
A retrospective study

The effect of Juice Plus add-on system-wide obesity: Controlled trial

Dr. Manfred Lmfrct clinical study Juice Plus + of

MAY phytonutrients reduce complications of pregnancy and childbirth

Blood flow is important for safeguarding the health and beauty of skin. Because it ensures the transfer of oxygen and nutrients (nutryantim) To skin.

Presentation of research cobra-effect of Juice Plus appreciation for people trained

Dr. Manfred Lmfrct: Is Juice Plus products can help bridge the gap between what cancer patients recoveries should eat and what you eat actually.

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