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So what is that Juice Plus??

Juice Plus This ingenious product on every level possible.

It is known that fruits and vegetables we buy from the supermarket,, Full spray all know it is toxic.

They are picked when unripe and remain in refrigerators until that seemed to ripen, It can take weeks or months refrigerators, Not stay longer vitamins and minerals and Fitonotriantim fruit and vegetables.

We all know (If not, then you should know) Our diet should be 80 Percentage of basic and- 20 Acid percent. And because it is very acidic spraying (And again - toxic), Some say fruit vinegar and vegetables exceeds this basic human and destruction.

What did Joss Place, Real genius lifesaving - Literally - And of course, healthy people also have begun.

Has an agreement with some- 20 Farmers around the world, And any farmer who grows the fruit and / or vegetables suitable in terms of soil and climate, Without spraying course, And in that plane is not allowed to fly over. Nature reserve the most natural possible. Fruits and vegetables are picked at the peak of their ripeness - Then there are all the vitamins and minerals and Hfitonotriantim - As he wanted Creator you put in your body.

Fruits and vegetables are passed extraction and freezing, Grind them and Mkfslim. So all the nutritional values ​​are preserved and we get them directly to the body.

So what is the difference between vitamins isolated from different companies and Juice Plus?

Well you asked 😉

Vitamins are synthesized and isolated as the body knows to process what is not natural to him. After all, we are not supposed to pick the tree and vitamin C, but picking an apple. We do not pick folic acid but greens.

What more, Science still does not know isolate the tens or thousands of components to be in apple, Orange or tomato. Known only- 80 Vitamins and Minerals, But there is so much your body needs - And here's genius Juice Plus. And of course there is synergy between all the components intensify each other.