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Customer Experiences

*Juice Plus+ products are not a Medication, And the company is careful creating excessive expectations. Yet it is important to recognize the uniqueness of Juice Plus products.

Ulcerative Colitis

Ionh Gl that consumes almost two months writing Capsules:

Yifat peace, I suffer from chronic autoimmune diseases. Including ulcerative colitis. On October 20, I had a strong attack of colitis, bloated stomach, Until diarrhea 8 Times a day, Bleeding. I raised the amount of pills. I stopped consuming dairy products , vegetables. And cows live. This time the attack was long until two weeks ago. בינתיים התחלתי להשתמש בכמוסות juice plus. This is done gradually used uncoated powder. Until I got to six capsules a day. Two weeks ago, stopped diarrhea, Bleeding and swollen stomach no longer. I have one exit and it is a big improvement on. It seems to me very helpful capsules. I do not know if it's a hundred percent reason and I do not care. The main thing is that I feel better in this area.



I was diabetic a1c ravit 7, I consumes Glokomin,לאחר שנה עם קפסולות Juice Plus הבדיקה הראתה 5,7 Within norms, Today, after a year without Golokomin.

I'm still going on 5,7 And I am not diabetic, Must indicate the nutritional secondary,

There is no doubt that diabetes is a chronic.



Gluten sensitivity

Inbal wren:
I got sick last December celiac( 2016) והתחלתי לצרוך Juice Plus בתחילת פברואר 2017.
I'm still in the process of cleaning and balancing of the various systems- But numerically, My values ​​were rare , Test of sensitivity to gluten have 800 .
Later it dropped to 430, At the end of March tests showed 143.

just to make things clear, My sister took a year to lose arrays 300 90 ....
Of course it includes strict avoidance of gluten and listening to what the body needs in terms of nutrition (There were foods I felt not good digestive system and avoided them for it felt that the body allows me to bring them back (meat, Eggs, Dairy products)

Asthma and Allergies

Amir Karsenty:
For asthma resulting dust mite.. So I testify that I am allergic to all kinds of dust you can imagine. dust mite, Dust trails, olive trees, Cypresses, Seal, Cats and more ... I was taking anti-allergy pill every day ... Today I am two and a half years with Juice plus and without allergy pill and I'm unmoved by anything ... healthy as a lion strong as an ox and breathes like a whale ... I developed an allergy To doctors ... So I've never met them, thank God ... By the way my blood indices stabilized and gone for me heartburn ...


Jumping on the growth of children "Growth disorders"

****** A boy 7 And 8 months. Patient age of 5. Three months of taking the capsules and smoothies biggest jump without growth hormone!

*********🌹sitof of Lkohh🌹
I have two children. Of age 16 Within two months back . And another girl of eighteen months undernourished began to eat everything. Started going and growing.
Mike took capsules.

********🌹srh Peck tells the Lkohh🌹
What fun to have a phone client is available capsules and smoothies for a child with difficulty concentrating and growth problems and a number that makes him really well and even gained weight (Using products Month)

******* Good Morning, I wanted to share my clinic case was a boy 5 Weighs 15 kilo(Underweight) With ADHD mother gave a lot of natural supplements do not help and refused to give Ritalin on 13/2 We started to give the mother capsule launched today with a call to say the last parent teacher meeting talked about the improvement in the level of concentration and she was very satisfied with something that was not there before the weight gain seen inside the stomach Basin.


Eden Gross

Aotofik dermatitis

Eden Gross:
I suffered from age atopic 27, Today bat 62!שנתיים עם Joss Place אחרי 4 Months I realized that my illness I solved. I've been totally healthy years!!! This shiatsu therapist big prize!

Indigestion and gluten sensitivity

My name is Rose and I am 25, Since I can remember My Self I suffer very serious digestive problems. Turns around from doctor to doctor, Checking whether I'm allergic to some food, And, I'm not allergic to milk or gluten, Thank God.

But I am what doctors define annoying "bowel syndrome", This excruciating pain that can attack you without any prior notice., They accompanied me throughout my life has been 25 Years. It indigestion and gastrointestinal problems except, At the entrance to the bathroom often accompanied by tears and tears. This is my life and I got used to live.

Mali amazing when I recommended the capsules, I really believed in them, But despite believing, Probably not believe how much it can help me! I drink capsule only a few weeks, And has been- I had no way to explain the difference in my stomach feeling! The cream sauce pasta feeling suddenly "throg" me not to cry for her later.

Yet even if a burst of pain begins, I immediately drink 2 Capsules and that within an hour relaxed and even if it had ended. There is no other word than-awesome!

I highly recommend anyone who hesitates giant! You can contact me if you want to ask fun something! And I dedicate my huge thank you - Mali happen! I discovered your right to talk about this amazing. with love!

Summit experiences

And it was time to share my personal testimony- Summit:
A few days after I started Capsules, I was gone a health problem 7 Years!!! A problem that no doctor did not even know of its existence.
My body is almost completely lost the ability to sweat, I always told my doctors thermostat broken 😂 I suffered from headaches, Hthmmoit to need a drip ...
I would have been difficult situations poisoning vomiting and diarrhea, Which led to the collapse and sleep days to recover.
7 Years I could not get to be used only with Krhomim and bottles of ice attached to my body. Happened to me a miracle!


ofra garti

Ofra Gerti story

Aofrh Grti:
Below is my client's testimony (4 Months since that eats the capsules)-

Excellent condition, It seems Li😜.
Feel really good
I stopped coughing after almost a year of endless coughing and difficulty breathing. I'm still testing that revealed two months ago that the problem is an autoimmune Srkoaidozis_mhlh. So even though I feel great, I was sent all sorts of tests just to make sure that the disease does not harm other organs.
2 I changed things and are very significant and I think that contributed to my feeling very wonderful:
1. Im drinking 2.5 Liters of water every day for almost 3 Months.
2. Taking the capsules of fruit and vegetables:).


Breastfeeding and milk quality

Shiri: My testimony 👇🏼
My neighbor second birth, Nursed her,
And the baby was crying and hungry every half hour or hour.
Naama was exhausted, And gave her capsules as ...
"Birth gift"😊🌺🌷
🔹btoc days / three, The baby started breastfeeding breastfeeding spaces between the two or even 3 Hours.
🔹 Namh Haidh her hair has stopped falling out
🔹 had a lot more energy.

🌸 Hallelujah ! ! !🌸🌷🌹


B12, triglycerides, Thyroid.

Ronit Aharoni:
So I did the first time since blood flows in my blood 😊 Joss

Six months with Komfliit one morning and capsules.
🌼 because I'm vegan and I wanted to know what would be in terms of B12 without the addition I stopped to take when I started taking Juice Plus. I'm vegan 5 Years and before that I was a vegetarian so who knows well from periods without plugin I was like kissing a minimum and is now the 535 👍🏻
🌼 addition I stopped taking vitamin D. So although it is 64.9 (There is nowhere else to go ...) But before I started taking vitamin D supplement he was 27 😱 it really low so that this excellent without 64.9 additive in question and I'm sure next year will cost more 🙏🏻
🌼 my triglycerides were fine (Still vegan ...) But decreased from 68 to 47
🌼 TSH also a bit worried about rising to 3.25 decreased to 2.47 and made me very happy ✌🏻

Hope next year the annual blood test I will update the nice things 🙏🏻 Ronit

Aliho Rosh

Sweet drop

Aliho Rosh:

My child consumes from age 1.5 And the child has allowed to eat solids.

Both are constantly demanding vegetables, And there is nothing like having a fruit or vegetable they do not like or want all the time.

Yesterday my daughter asked us to prepare a small birthday cake with candies and pepper and Mlffon🥒 😄

Two days ago she took the words (Hysteria): "Do not want chocolate!!"

Tendonitis / arthritis

Ronit Abate:

Tendonitis / straps.. With both hands wrist to shoulder. 😂

in short: About six months with inflammation. with no "Medicines" And injections and dietary treatments for major investment and natural methods (I went to matters not just any therapist / plugin called on my way ...)🍅

Plus joss seemingly irrelevant was that I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables and organic 🍐(Not only has the infection, but several years ago,)🥒. And by"M Joss was very helpful in significantly reducing Hdlkt.😍



Mirit Siso:
I suffered severe migraines ago Joss Place I was taking strong pain relief pills regularly head .
Today I am one year and ten months with Juice Plus And migraines are completely gone except the days when the cycle comes to him a headache tiny but perfectly tolerable.
I can say wholeheartedly resolved from migraines thank God.
Additionally I have a franchisee who was hospitalized for migraine crazy shots Following.
Since they began taking the capsules migraines subsided significantly, And is not giving up on them.

Orit fireplace:
I suffered migraines regularly, at least once a month. When I started taking Juice Plus Migraines were gone.

Old sister 11 She had a severe migraine frequency high enough and she started to take Goss and it just disappeared
Was once going to bed with weeping and wet towels on their heads completely stopped migraines ..ozh not look to me that even she remembers them
Anat Azoulay:
Real Excitement. My mother started taking Juice Plus Even after conviction, and every day she called to congratulate me on changes
Before Joss had knee pain and inflammation migraine fatigue hands today is the turbo manages to come up stairs do not remember what this migraine pain inflammation and hands have passed a lot of energy . What fun we had Juice Plus.

Sarah Peck:
I have a franchisee, Blades Leibowitz, Yesterday she told me down 8 Pounds in two months, After a full tried diets and helped her, Already thinking about bariatric surgery and tried Joss step before. Complete drink twice a day and of course Capsules, She also arranged the system Hhormnlit and reassured her migraines suffered them years.

My name is berry:
And I have been exposed to the product a month ago. Four and a half years ago I had surgery to lose weight weight ring . Since the surgery I do not eat fruit and vegetables at all, And my ports were once a fortnight . As a result, I suffered from headaches and I took lots of painkillers.
Following the change I feel Joss Place He alertness and vitality. Headaches stopped and I do ports every other day.
Except that now I put my body fruits and vegetables easiest way .
Highly recommend.

Nava Welcome

Nava blessed diabetes and obesity

Nava Welcome:

✔️hsocrt suffered from 30 Year was balanced perfectly in two weeks since that eats the "The salad capsule" Joss Place🥗
Daily tests show a level of 87- 90
And maximum reaches 106 .
With the consent of the doctor stopped injecting insulin
(4 Times a day) For injection 17 Years!
( Saving money that costs more insulin capsule ....)

✔️ahri two weeks of "The salad capsules" -
Glycated hemoglobin test A1c Dropped from 9 To 6.7
It costs!

✔️lihh and reflux at night is quite gone.

✔️haf almost no sleep blocked. No need Laotrioon dabbed like an addict for two years.

✔️dlkt eyes disappeared.

✔️cabi abdomen as a result of infection and gallstone, Disappeared.

✔️abrti heart attack ago 4.5 Years,
And the pulse was 90 Now reduced to 72-74 ❤️
Ascending the stairs rather than feeling tired,
Salad before I went up the difficulty capsules 8 Stairs and I could not carry bags ...

✔️nosmt much better

✔️hzrti gym. And returned to teens,
Where my energy was Bsmiim..💪

✔️hfigmnttzih my face blurred,
And face became illuminated. Receives compliments from wall Lkir👍

✔️dorbn heel disappeared

✔️hbarh feet disappeared, I came back feeling like my youth in cold (So they called me Nava cold)

My ✔️htzonh changed itself.
Eat more fruits fun, Disappeared enormous desire for meat, And drink more sugary drinks.

✔️hhods started eating the meal replacement shake it balanced nature and rich in protein,
and... Hippo who sometimes appears at night (60-70 )

It is dangerous to the heart, Now totally disappeared, Rose happy morning, With the normal values 87-90
And soon with a breakfast shake that eats, The pounds will fall in March! 💃
So what do you say?


Autistic spectrum

"Benny was diagnosed a year ago on the autistic spectrum ... four months getting dinner daily supplement bottle. Leap past four months, stunning and overwhelming us all: Collect more regulated than calling talk Author sentences are looking for intimacy and almost no protective bubble disappears unfortunately characterizes autism."

Gets almost half to shake blended with Materna pm .
At first, few objected and said that" Spoiled milk".
Parents persisted and after only two months saw a significant change.
Can sit quietly and do a puzzle , Occupy himself longer than before even starting to play and react to his sister .



Uriel Ben Levy:
🌹 arthritis 🌹
My dad has been having Goss Year. Is a disabled person, Paralyzed from the waist down following a shooting attack. Two years of terrible suffering arthritis. After a 4-5 Months with Palace boss pain diminished and today he has no pain at all. He also declined 10 Pound it really a big deal because as I said is disabled and his physical activity is limited course.
Hope I helped 😇



Diabetes and Hair Loss

Ruth Ashbel:

I have significantly reduced dropout hair..

And by the way, while 3 חודשים שאני נוטלת Juice Plus הבדיקה של רמות הסוכר בדם ירד לי A1C

From 8.3 to 7.3. He installed 6.0-6.5.





התחלתי לצרוך את הקפסולות של Juice Plus בעיקבות חוסר איזון הורמונלי ותת פעילות של בלוטת התריס. High TSH values ​​between 13-18 Than 12 years.
I suffered from menstrual disorders, Severe fatigue, Headaches, Dizziness, rapid heartbeat, Nausea, Difficult digestion, Mood and general feeling of poor. A sense that the body can tolerate only want to get away from it !
Within two weeks from the time I started with the capsules began to perk week later, everything calmed down and came to the cycle time. More energy. There is better. Better digestion without constipation in general.
Two months later, I became effortless Ltibaonit- Something I wanted to do for some time but never really got. I suddenly change comes easily and body feel the need to eat differently.
Now some 10 Months after starting - Blood tests - All values ​​are balanced than he had in years.
TSH 5.4
Hemoglobin is balanced even though I do not eat meat, And all other outstanding entries.

Celiac - Gluten sensitivity

Airis Slo:

Good Morning, רציתי לשתף אתכם בהשפעה של Juice Plus על הבת שלי 👧

My daughter 4.5, With CD, Since they began to eat regular food dropped percentile 50 From under percentiles and all the time she was sick. 😭

She was exposed to gluten during the last year to a gluten-free diet. Although eating gluten, Not grown and increased in weight and was sicker than most environment. Hair does not grow and remains fluffy like a newborn. 👶

The last six months she gets a purple capsule on morning (Within Actimel), Red capsule PM"Czech Same"To drinking chocolate shake twice a day between meals.

After six months of using joss Place, Is grown in 10 S."From reaching percentile 20!

Her hair is all the more, Well known her mother had not seen her for about 3 Months did not know her! ☺

She came 1.5 K."C last six months! While still under percentiles, But this has not happened in years! 🌺 🍇

And healthy, Energetic and slept all night (I never had to before 3 Months since she was born).🍓🍓

Menstrual problems and migraines

"I have evidence that it is better that I give way anonymously. That's how long will use more accurate, So if you can move without my name":

משתמשת בקפסולות של Juice Plus חודש וחצי. The second time already receives a complete surprise cycle. There is no early signs. Once there were nerves, Lower Back Pain, Abdominal pain, migraine. now nothing. I got really surprised to see. The last time I had abdominal pain during menstruation, Although the use of capsules, But turnover was more succinct. Instead smear 5-7 Days, Totally ended four days.

I suffered a lot before, Average of 3 Times a month or so, Sometimes more. Since I started I had a migraine once or twice (Very doubtful about twice, Just do not really remember). Guinness record, Would receive cycle without migraine previous day. This is something that'ihrg and Iabor'. There is no way that a migraine before recycling.
So today it happened:) I got up in the morning, I climbed over the cycle and migraine!

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis and more ...

Animal Meirov:

I would like to share with you, I consumes Juice Plus About six months
And called me miracles.
I was at that time with a walker, And full of diseases including fibromyalgia , Arthritis and psoriasis arthritis dismantle, Severe pain I went through three surgeries back!

Taking vegetable fruit.
Today I am without a walker, Even dancing in rows. And very happy that I feel good. Consumes less balls and just thank the Almighty that I am in the process of rehabilitation

Shirley-beam-Rosen. Naturopathic

Menstrual problems and detoxification

Shirley Karen Rosen:

For those who do not know me. I naturopathic many years and workshops detoxification.
For years, girls are also due to balance hormonal processes.
And processes that worked but it took some time.
Until I started to integrate patient capsules Juice Plus. And that's just magic.
I must share with you two exciting times..


1. Accounted for two years following the cycle had not received chemotherapy treatments received. She said you will not get ever. A week later received a capsule of combined cleaning Juice Plus.



2. Now I got a call the patient crying. Cry happy.
After six months without a turnover.. No hormonal pill did not help ... No doctor knew what to do. Did cleaning and gave her mouth- After a week that combined the capsules- Menstruated!!

it is great !!
You understand. This means a complete system and balancing function returns.
And affects millions of things like the ability to have children!!
It is amazing and exciting. What right.

Shirley Karen Rosen.



My name is Nora for many years the mine was high tsh, My endocrinologist advised me to start taking electronic (I took a natural product instead). A week ago I went to my doctor got her blood tests after a year and a half I consume capsules and Komflikt. My doctor did not understand why the tsh , Blood sugar, Cholesterol, Amoglobin etc., It was all right for me!!!!




Joss skeptical took Place only because her children without any expectations

Family history of diabetes , After a period of neglect had to be fully taken drugs or die. A1C sugar index weapons to 11. And never dropped below 7.7 (6.3 This diabetes) Even with medication. The cholesterol too"Bad" And triglycerides were higher.

and then.. Juice Plus 4 Months. Received a phone from her doctor about recent tests:

Cholesterol dropped

Decreased triglycerides

The A1C decreased to 6!

Instead all 3 Months tests they said come back in six months

So says: I now have a management and maintenance plan. Her name is Joss Place



Psoriasis + Arthritis

Psoriasis + Inflammation Frkim🌹
Client says :
"My name is Esther, I was exposed to Joss Plus Six months ago. At first I did not keep a secret and quite forgot to take. After a difficult period of psoriasis chapters, Which limits me and I operated almost two months, I decided to be consistent, And for four months I took capsules and Complete.

Indeed, the results were amazing, Fully functioning. Forgot arthritic pain and skin almost completely recovered. For some reason, possibly due to lack of attention, I did not take joss for two weeks and the body began to respond.

Joint pain returned and skin began to harass painful wounds. Immediately I went back twice as much Juice Plus capsules and in a few days I went back to normal. If I had more 'receipts' Joss results it got them big time" Esti, 14.1.15

Changes in diet and weight loss

Hey LED, I wanted to share with you my testimony 💓.

A little more than half a year I decided Additionally Joss + consumption also make changes to my diet and exercise to put my agenda in order to shed a few pounds Aodfim.🍓
I set myself five days a week, Sunday to Thursday, I keep both my diet and physical activity, And two days a week, Friday and Saturday, I let myself eat what I want, Some came to me ... 🍓
Soon I discovered that what I want and how much I want to begin to change ... What I want is only a chocolate and pastries, And more yogurt and fruit ... And how much I want it just much, much less! 😲😲
As of today, I am 10 K."Easier C., And really feel lighter and lighter!
Obviously Sgo's Palace agent of change Mrczi.🌺🌸


Age mountainous:

Each client suffered from vertigo and was at his best experts started 3 Weeks to take the capsules exercise while dietary change 🌶🥑🍅

Amazed to discover that male vertigo 🤗

He still can not believe 😎




Yifat Manor:

I would Durban. You Joss Place I bought for the children and I also began to swallow. Within a month gone porcupine not been repeated since ... 3 Years 🌶🥑🍅

Batya Gal Koren:

"Hi Antalya My client had serious porcupine could not step foot on the leg and was very strong pain started Joss Place And in less than two weeks spur national disappears just like that came"🤗



Weakness after surgery

Daphna Galili:

The testimony of the young adults also fine. My husband was sick for three years something inexplicable. After three years proved to be the problem and was treated at Hadassah Jerusalem analysis and utilization factor toxin ( toxin) Who attacks it from time to time. After the surgery, he was very thin, dried,Woody Mbolbl.hnitoh was weak in November.

באוגוסט שנה שעברה התחלנו עם Juice Plus. Very quickly we saw amazing changes . Forces returned to him and he gained weight, Brain function returned in October were at a conference in France. He returned to invent and produce machines . It turns eighty worlds. bless him.

(August 2014)

Assaf Abner 1

Athlete Experience

Abner collected:


My name is collected Abner, 63 Years Old 25 Degania Bet.
Competitor sport called orienteering. Member of the Israeli national team, I represented the country in several world championships abroad"To, Second place in the country season 2017.

need Juice Plus Almost two years, Taking regular (2-2-2) Sometimes in tournaments or injury up 3-3-3.

I was released from combat duty in the army two years ago, I had a lot of injuries and infections, And I underwent surgery after I tore the 2 Shoulder straps.

within 3 Months since I started taking, The pain is almost completely gone shoulders and I needed another operation second shoulder. Following legs recurring infections were reduced running, Recovering faster from training / competitions and recovering quickly from injuries.
Other examples twisting his ankle China Competition, Without the ability to step on the foot that day. Two days later I returned to compete as if nothing had happened 🙂

face noyman

Naama Neuman-cyclists

Naama Neuman:

Bicycle riding Misgav. age: 19 Marital Status: Single.

I consumed the capsules Juice Plus October 2015. 6 Capsules first thing in the morning.

Smoothie I also use, Always on the basis of water, Most simply the best. I started riding at the age group from Misgav north 10 And half year 2009, All thanks to my brother who introduced me to this. Thanks.

From 2010 I won any championships Israeli territory (Which competed with the different age categories). in the year 2013 Also attached to the Israeli national team (And I went to my first competition abroad"The Netherlands Youth Olympics).

today I'm - Mountain bike national champion in the Elite Women 2017. Place 20 World Youth Women's mountain bike 2016. Place 20 Youth World Cup 2016.

First place in an international competition in Misgav (Women elite level c1) 2017. Place 9 France in international competition (Women's youth level c1) 2016.

What happened to me in the wake of theJuice Plus Is a significant improvement in the process of recovery from training and sports injuries. Beyond the peace of mind that if the case does not have time to eat a large salad today, I still respectable daily dose of the values ​​I needed to ingest.

Last year I suffered a relatively serious sports injuries, These can remove an athlete from training and competitions for the whole season.

Recovery of which was exhausting and nerve-racking, But much shorter than the professionals who treated me expected. This year I managed to compete in several competitions in the country and abroad"To, Including Israel Championship. Pretty good shape considering the situations of two months earlier. Today I am healthy and builds the body and fitness in preparation for 2018.